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We custom make your storm windows here in Wisconsin. Our aluminum storm windows feature the Kaufmann design. We custom manufacture all of our storm windows to exact specifications to fit any size window. All frame parts are made of durable, extruded materials and are hand-assembled. Includes screens and installation screws.

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There are many advantages of getting storm windows. Many homes have older single pane windows that only provide one layer of protection to your home. Adding Storm windows will add an additional layer of protection which will help in heating and cooling costs to your home. Storm windows will also help with costs. Choosing to add Storm windows instead of replacing your old windows you will save money. Adding a Low E glass to your Storm windows help with UV protections to your drapes furniture, and carpets. With the added protection of Storm windows you will also see a reductions in sound. Storm windows will also create a new style look to your home. You can bring more of a curb appeal with a longer lasting, powder coat tough colored storm window. If you have a historic home you can keep the original windows safe. Storm windows will also help keep with the look of your historic home.


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More Colors!

Homeowners can select from 10 frame colors for their storm windows. Styleline’s Powder Coating Division opens up new possibilities for blending your new porch conversion into the home’s exterior decor.




Fashion Clay

Fashion Colonial Red

Fashion Cranberry

Fashion Hunter Green


Fashion Brown


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Styleline Storm Windows

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